Online HVAC Training Programs

HVAC technicians are specialists that work on heating and cooling units, maintaining, repairing and installing systems.  In order to work in this profession you will need to complete a certificate program or obtain your degree. There are currently online HVAC training programs available that can help the professional who is maintaining full time employment to also further their education. Here we will find out how these online HVAC programs work and what the cost is.

How Online HVAC Programs Work

Accredited online HVAC training programs can consist of six months to two years and will require a minimum of 2,000 hours working as an apprentice in the field. You can find online programs at technical schools, vocational schools, community colleges and online universities. These schools can offer free programs, grants for the HVAC profession or financial aid to those low income students that will qualify.  coyne

During the online program the student will need to complete each section of the course in sixty days or less. For those students that need an extension of one month they will need to pay the school an additional fee.

The student will be able to log onto the schools website where they can access the HVAC course syllabus and assignments. In these programs the student will watch recorded demonstrations, webinars and can attend live lectures via webcam. Should the student be unable to attend a live lecture or class they can watch the recording. The student will receive some of the study materials and textbooks through the mail and will be required to take end of section exams online as open book tests.

When attending an in-class program the school will provide placement assistance for the apprenticeship whereas the online programs do not and will require the student to apply for these positions on their own. In order to acquire an apprenticeship within a union you will either need to have obtained your associate’s degree in applied science or have the written recommendation of a current union member.

The Cost of the HVAC Education and Free Programs

Tuition rates for the online programs will range from 900$ to 1500$ depending on the school.  This price range will include costs for tuition fees and registration and may also include textbooks. The in-class programs available will have a cost of 3,500$ to 6,500$ depending on the school and the location.  Some of the in-class programs will offer a free HVAC education in exchange for the student signing an employment contract with that particular company for a period of two to three years.   You can find these free programs offered as online programs or in-class courses through large heating and cooling companies that have affiliations with local technical schools.


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