The Different Factors that can affect your HVAC Salary

The HVAC salary will depend on the technician’s certifications, level of education, where they live and what type of company they work for. Here we will find out how these factors will play into the HVAC salary, the additional certifications you can obtain in this field to increase your salary as a technician and which state will offer the highest annual wages for the HVAC technician.

HVAC Manager Salary and Additional Courses

The salary for the HVAC manager will range from 55,000$ to 60,000$ annually and will require the applicant to have obtained an associate’s degree in applied science as well as a three to four year internship. These positions will typically require the manager to have a minimum of five years of experience and may also require additional refrigerant certifications.  hvac tech

Some of the general HVAC programs will include refrigerant courses while the majority will require the student to take an additional certification course and licensing exam for this area.

An HVAC sales associate will have the annual salary potential of 35,000$ to 40,000$ based on that particular individual’s sales skills. To work in this position the sales associate will need to have completed an accredited certificate program, a two year apprenticeship and have a vast knowledge of all aspects of the HVAC installation, maintenance and repair costs and process.

Starting your own HVAC business can provide you with a higher salary but will require you to not only rent a work space each month but to also hire other HVAC techs, sales associates, a receptionist, pay for the rental spaces, utilities and internet and have your own company vehicles. Those wanting to go into business for themselves in this career field should have at least five years of experience and be able to offer the HVAC techs benefits and competitive wages. The new business owner should also consider taking courses in business and accounting in order to effectively run and maintain their new company.

Which State can provide the Best Salary for the HVAC Tech?

California is currently one of the top states that can provide the highest annual salary for this field, with a range of 42,000$ to 55,000$ a year for those techs that have more than two years of experience.  Florida offers their techs an annual salary of 36,000$ to 44,000$ while New York can provide an annual salary of 38,000$ to 40,000$ a year.

States that offer a lower salary for this field are Utah at 26,000$ to 30,000$ a year and Michigan with the annual salary of 26,000$ to 32,000$.

It’s common for those that have completed an HVAC program to relocate to a state that provides a significantly larger annual salary once they have gained one to two years of field experience.



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