HVAC Training Courses

An HVAC training program will consist of six months to two years in order to gain your HVAC certification. The licensing requirements for this career field will vary by state and will require the individual to have worked as an apprentice for a period of one to two years. Here we will take a look at the HVAC course outline, the available online HVAC classes and the licensing Requirements for this profession.

Available HVAC Certification Programs and Job Description

You can find an accredited HVAC program at a vocational school, technical school, community college and online universities.  In an accredited program you will learn how to test and adjust equipment, repair and diagnose programs, work on electronic components and install new HVAC systems.  There are online classes available for the HVAC program which allows the student to study the course material at their own pace.  coyne

An HVAC service tech will have job duties such as maintaining and servicing installed systems and work in HVAC sales.  The installer will work by installing new systems in construction and will need to be able to read blueprints in order to ensure correct installation of equipment.  As a professional installer you can work for large corporations which will provide the highest paying salary in this field. The installer also has the option of working for a small business which will offer a smaller salary and may not offer the possibility of advancing within a company.

In an HVAC program you can expect to take some of the following courses:  familiarization of fridge components, implementation of dual fuel systems, troubleshooting HVAC refrigeration systems, troubleshooting electrical systems, basic HVAC electrical operations, DET training, servicing electrical systems and refrigerant systems, international ground source heat pump installation, residential mechanical ventilation installation, compressor operations and state board certification review. HVAC students will also learn how to prepare equipment foundation bases, cut metal with a metal saw, assist with space air-flow requirements, measure refrigerant temperatures and humidity in air conditioning units, make electrical connections, clean humidifiers, fans, registers and coils and installing anchors in concrete.

Online Training Programs for the HVAC and Free Programs

An online program for HVAC, also referred to as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration will prepare a student for an entry level position in this profession. The HVAC tech course will consist of 16 sections that will require 50 to 60 days per section. The online program will feature webinars, website tours, exams, HVAC terminology, videos and printable study material. The HVAC program will also include competency check off lists that will be given to a licensed local HVAC technician or contractor, for the student’s apprenticeship.  For the online program the student will be required to find their own apprenticeship.  Some online programs will give the student 60 to 90 days to complete each section of the program and will charge a student 60$ to 80$ should they need an extension of two to four weeks.  monster

You can find free HVAC training programs  through heating and cooling schools or you can find grants for this type of professional available at a vocational or technical school.  Be sure to check with HVAC Excellence to ensure the heating and cooling school that is offering a free training program is accredited in order to have your education recognized by the state.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the HVAC career field is said to grow 28% in the next six years, which is faster than the average job growth of six percent.

How to Become HVAC Certified

You can contact the partnership for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration accreditation, the HVAC excellence or the National Center for Construction Education and Research in order to find out the different types of license requirements for the state you live in.  After graduating from a program you will need to take state and city certification exams, which can range from specialized certifications or entry level certifications.

The salary for the entry level HVAC technician will range from 25,000$ to 35,000$ annually. In order to increase your salary you can also work as a consultant or start your own business in this field. In order to start your own business you’ll need to have the required education, apprenticeship and licensure. You’ll also need to purchase the right tools, air measurement equipment, tubing and duct connectors, work van and temperature and pressure gauges.  You can do some self-promoting for this type of business by starting a website which will list your company’s services, prices and hours of operation. Working for free for local companies in exchange for their personal reference and recommendation is also a good way to spread the word about your services.



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