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HVAC Tech Work Ethic

The HVAC tech is a professional that works in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning service field. The tech will install, perform routine maintenance and repair these systems. Here we will take a look at the job responsibilities for this profession, what the HVAC salary will be and we’ll also take a look at the […]

HVAC Career Opportunities

The HVAC career will consist of working, installing and repairing heating, refrigerant and cooling systems. In order to become licensed in this profession you will need to complete a certificate program or obtain your degree. Here we will find out the steps you need to take in order to become licensed as an HVAC technician.


Online HVAC Training Programs

HVAC technicians are specialists that work on heating and cooling units, maintaining, repairing and installing systems. In order to work in this profession you will need to complete a certificate program or obtain your degree. There are currently online HVAC training programs available that can help the professional who is maintaining full time employment to […]

HVAC Apprenticeship Requirements

An HVAC apprenticeship can range from two to four years, depending on if the individual is enrolled in a certificate program or a degree program. The HVAC tech who is working in an apprenticeship program will work at a lower wage than a certified tech and will learn how to install, maintain and repair heating […]

The Different Factors that can affect your HVAC Salary

The HVAC salary will depend on the technician’s certifications, level of education, where they live and what type of company they work for. Here we will find out how these factors will play into the HVAC salary, the additional certifications you can obtain in this field to increase your salary as a technician and which […]

HVAC Schools Certificate and Degree Programs

HVAC schools will feature certificate programs that will range from six months to two years in length. In order to work as a professional HVAC technician you will need to complete one of these accredited programs, work as an apprentice for two years and take a state licensing exam. Here we will find out what […]

HVAC Certification and Apprenticeship

HVAC certification will require an enrollment into a HVAC training program which will be one to two years in length and will include a one to two year apprenticeship and an end of course exam. In order to enroll in an accredited HVAC program you will need to be at least 18 years of age […]